Employees & Communication


We believe that our people are our most valuable assets. We are defined by the people we recruit and the work we do. It is thus of paramount importance that we create a congenial environment within the organisation.   

We are thrilled to have a diverse workforce. Our right mix of youth and experience helps us create winning solutions. We also take immense pride in the high level of Saudisation.

Some quick stats to establish the fact:


More than 73% of our employees are Saudi nationals


About 80% of our Engineers and technicians are Saudis

It’s our culture that helps us attract and retain the best talent in the region.

Employee Communication

We believe in dialogue.

Our HR initiatives create an environment of communication flow across vertical and horizontal levels within the company.

We have always maintained that clarity drives our employees to have well defined expectations. Our communication programs are designed to impart knowledge to all employees on external and internal plans of the organisation.  

Our approach to communication is structured as follows:

Strategic Alignment

Identification of purpose

Stakeholder Alignment

Identification and assessment of stakeholders

Cultural Alignment

Cultural and organisational structure assessment