Corporate Portfolio

Excellence in Capturing Business & Delivery

Aligned Integrated Methodology has been developed in line with AEC’s strategic intent to promote an enhanced purpose of alignment across all the business and employees

AIM Developed By AEC, encompasses a set of processes that encourage the various departments of AEC to work together to propel the company forward into an improved position of growth and success by championing change through the adoption of this new process and methodology.

AEC has always pursued,  captured and delivered projects  for our customers to the highest  standards, and in keeping with  our business excellence strategy  we have pushed the boundaries  again, enhancing our processes,  developing our people, and  selecting tools to make sure AEC  is delivering the best value and  quality to all its stakeholders. This  is achieved through adopting best  practice in Portfolio, Program &  Project Management and Business Development methodologies.  

“AEC CPO will nurture and promote a culture of openness, efficiency and integrity in all its relations and dealings in AEC”
Fawzan Al-Nuwaimi, CPO Head, AEC.


The Corporate Portfolio Office (CPO) is the focal point of maintaining the integrity and success of AIM to ensure excellence in capture and delivery.

This is implemented through the deployment of a hub and spoke model of governance through which the CPO can standardize the methods of operation across the business to ensure best practice is followed in every instance. The AEC CPO will maintain independence from individual business to solidify the system of governance and accountability being deployed through AIM.

The overall purpose of this is to ensure that all portfolios are aligned with Company strategy.


Business Areas


P3M Development

Driving P3M maturity, through training and continuous professional development.

Induction and training on tools, policies and procedures, and interfaces with support and operational departments.

Mentor and coach.

Project management academy


Information Hub

Companywide, P3M performance information such as risk, SPI, CPI, etc.

Develop P3M corporate dashboards.

Portfolio review board (the gold team meeting) for review and authorization of major initiatives / Projects (based on agreed threshold).


General Military Electronics

A&D provides mission-critical information technology and skilled mission-support services to defense and national-security customers. This area involves a variety of electronics systems for air, land and Naval platforms


Delivery of strategy and internal corporate initiatives.

Project intervention and recovery.

Resource optimization across multiple portfolios (supply Vs. Demand).

P3M / P3O consulting services (external).