Providing quality services to our customers by using modern tools and techniques that enhance manufacturing capabilities.

We at AEC have the capability to manufacture all types of Circuit Card assemblies using Thru-Hole, SMT and Associated Technologies. We apply Statistical Process Control techniques and use on-line SPC analysis to all key processes in order to maximize quality and reduce costs to ensure customer satisfaction.


A key area for us is to ensure protection of all products from possible damage due to ESD. All electronic materials are treated as Class I ESD from receipt up to the final shipping of goods. In addition to our military capabilities, we have established System Integration and Test capabilities for telecommunication & Industrial products with leading OEMs in the field to meet local market needs. Some highlights in our Manufacturing capabilities:

Business Areas

  • Modern factory meeting Military and Industrial Standard
  • Highly skilled and qualified Workforce
  • Automated SMT and Through-Hole board assembly (Double-sided, multi-layered and high-density board)
  • Environmental testing capability
  • TPS (Test Program Set) developments for Board, Module and LRU levels .
  • In circuit and Functional Tests.
  • System Integration and Test
  • Sub and final assemblies
  • Cable and Wire harness
  • Conformal Coating and Electro-less Plating
  • Mech. Tools / Fixtures design and fabrication
  • Real time WIP tracking
  • Continuous improvement through Lean manufacturing

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