“We believe that only local capabilities can be trusted to secure our nation infrastructure and protect our homeland. Therefore AEC keeps investing in building local competence that can protect us from all type of threats”
Eng. Mohammed Khalifah, SVP & D&A GM


Homeland Security

Design, develop and integrate systems that ensure the safety and security of our homeland against terrorism and other eventualities.

Critical Infrastructure protection

Design, develop and integrate physical security systems that guarantee the readiness of our critical infrastructure and develop suitable countermeasures.

Command & Control

Provide C2 solutions by integrating and maintaining C2 systems to collect, process and analyse data in order to support strategic and tactical decision making


Design, manufacture and provide setup and sustainment support for C4ISR enabled communication and networking equipment


We provide full engineering capabilities that cater to customer’s need and accordingly design, develop and integrate suitable solutions. These capabilities give our customers the necessary confidence to gauge the levels of security of the system. Customers get local support anytime, anyplace which enables them to detect and assess threats, manage information, support rapid command decisions and control engagements through neutralisation of threat with maximum reliability.

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