Command & Control (C4I)

Providing situational awareness enabling the ability to exercise correct command decisions.
At AEC, we deliver top-class C4I solutions that are field-proven in both tactical and strategic operations.
Our solutions consist of a wide variety of systems that are capable of collecting, coordinating and processing information from the battlefield.
•    Advanced fleet management and tracking system to enable commanders to manage their troops interactively
•    Ruggedized computing solutions to handle harsh environments while providing an intuitive user interface
•    A wide variety of tactical communication systems
•    A wide  range of sensors, RADARs and EW systems for intelligence gathering and situation monitoring
Some of our C4I solutions features: 
•    Joint Tactical Communications (JTCS)
•    GIS solutions for commanders
•    National Encryption
•    Electronic Warfare Equipment
•    Radio Communications 
•    Advanced Surveillance Systems 
•    Advanced fleet management Systems
•    CCTV systems

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