Cyber Security

Different goals require diverse security measures.
Defend and protect what matters most.
Information is typically any organisation’s most important asset. Protection and security of information assets is therefore necessary to establish and maintain trust between the organisation, its people and clients. This helps in demonstrating compliance with the industry regulations and also protects the reputation of the organisation.
Societies cannot thrive and prosper if its people are not safe and secure. In dealing with the threat of international terrorism ‘hactivism’ to safeguarding their assets, governments today face an ever-changing set of security vulnerabilities, breaches and challenges.
We are always equipped with vigilance and security sentience. We help governments ensure that they are able to meet the citizens’expectations, employees and legislative bodies.
Our security solutions can be broadly classified into:

Cybersecurity Governance
Cybersecurity Governance is an overarching ideology to maintain and govern a mature security posture for an organisation. By developing the appropriate Policy, People and tools, the ultimate goal is to orchestrate all Cybersecurity controls and components into delivering the most efficient and effective protection against threats, breaches and attacks.
Our experts hold in-depth knowledge and experience in the process of preventing destruction, theft, alteration or misuse of sensitive information. In today’s networked business environments, Cybersecurity can only be effectively achieved through a combination of physical and technical security measures.
Cybersecurity Systems Solutions
Our Cybersecurity system solution provides the design and architecture of a realistic solution based on the business environment to minimise business threats and risks. We build our security architecture based on principles of defense, in-depth and multi-layered defense mechanisms, with substantial experience we deliver a Computer Network Defence (CND) capability which can grow and develop into more advance capability.

These ensure that the organisation has several layers of protection that can thwart the most malicious of hackers. The design also balances protection with cost this provides an optimum cost effective security solution.

Our consultants asses and analyse networks and information systems to design a Security Architecture that enforces Cybersecurity policies. Moreover, as a third party, we provide independent, risk based advice, based upon international standards and practices.
Specialised Security
At AEC, we draw upon our experience of working with our government to secure government buildings and key assets around the Kingdom. We also help governments in dealing with a variety of conflict situations.
In a world of diverse and growing security needs, we can help in transforming a client’s security challenges into opportunities. Through several partnerships with top niche organisations, we have managed to build capabilities in providing specialised security solutions.

Solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs)
  • Solutions for covert protection, tracking, logistics, security, surveillance, & counter surveillance (CCTV, iris recognition, access control and night vision)
  • Consulting services for labs and equipment for Cyber Forensics
  • Building of complete training facilities and all related technologies (mock towns, explosive training facilities, shooting ranges, HAZMAT facility, photographic operations and airport security)
  • Providing training solutions to LEAs like Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) and Police Academies
Solutions for National Security
  • Border Control technology to prevent human intrusion and smuggling (Land, Air and Naval)
  • Security technology to protect premises intrusion – highly secure fencing microwave technology
  • Security and mobility technology for travelers (Body Scanning, Biometrics and Baggage Screening)
  • Massive and Tactical Communication Lawful Interception (IP/GSM)
  • Government communications encryption
Emergency Response Capabilities
  • Consulting services to ensure preparedness (enhancing emergency response capabilities)
  • Consulting services to strengthen response and crisis/disaster recovery
  • Strategic, Operational and Crisis Planning & Exercises Support
  • Unifying Emergency dispatching (E911 etc) & Homeland Security Operations and Management
  • Solutions for Command Control Center (C4i)
Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Comprehensive Solutions to protect critical infrastructure against Chemical, Biological, Radiological/Nuclear (CBRN) threats
  • Protection of strategic resources, infrastructure, facilities and key government personnel
  • Government Communications and Operations continuity
  • Protection of transportation facilities (Air, Railways, Highways, Maritime, Passenger Aviation)
  • Protection of critical facility perimeter (Nuclear, Oil/Gas, Pipeline Airports/Seaports, other government buildings)
  • Cyber Security
HAZMAT Solutions
  • Detection and Prevention of Radiological/Nuclear weapons, hazardous materials, IEDs etc
  • Detection, prevention, monitoring and protection against Biological, chemical and explosive materials 
  • Independent high level security assessment of information environments
  • Identification of weaknesses and vulnerabilities within the current information security architecture
  • Comprehensive security design incorporating the following components:
    • Firewalls
    • Network Intrusion Detection/Prevention (IDS/IPS)
    • Host Intrusion Detection/Prevention (HIPS)
    • Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Solutions
    • Content Management Solutions
    • Patch Management Solutions
    • Encryption Solutions
    • VPN and SSL
    • Access Control
    • Vulnerability Assessment
    • Identity Management
    • Systems and Network Components Hardening
    • Security Management and Monitoring Solutions
Recommendations on alternative solution options to enhance the level of information security taking into account budget and business. 

Applicable in following Business Areas:


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