Data Center Solutions by AEC

Building versatile data centers, key to a company’s environment.
In case there arises a need to expand a data center beyond its current confines, renovate its infrastructure or build a completely new data center on a new site, our Data Center Services have the experience and expertise to assist. We offer a wide range of solutions from preliminary consulting to total turnkey operation. We plan, design, build, and test data centers as well as train personnel on maintaining the new environment.

As an essential and potentially vulnerable part of any integrated system, the data center needs to meet stringent requirements to ensure high levels of functionality and availability. In discussion with our clients, we recommend the optimum design for each data center after careful assessment of mission critical needs.
Our Data Center Solutions are versatile and can include assistance in a variety of areas in a complex, multi-platform environment. Our comprehensive service range includes design and planning, procurement, installation, integration and migration assistance to systems management, telephone consulting and on-site hardware and software maintenance.
Our specialist services are designed to help streamline operations, reduce complexity and simplify vendor management, thereby improving availability, reliability, performance and end-user satisfaction.
Data Center Technical Services
  •     Consulting
  •     Design
  •     Procurement
  •     Execution Planning
  •     Construction & Installation
  •     Construction Management  
  •     Handing Over
  •     Operation and Facility Management  
  •     Constant Improvement


  •     Needs assessment
    •         Initial situation
    •         Capacity requirements
    •         Reliability requirements
    •         Security requirements
    •         Expansion plans
  •     Location analysis
  •     Risk analysis
  •     Functional concept
  •     Floor concept
  •     Preliminary dimensioning of technical equipment
  •     Cost Estimate
  •     Budget cross check

  •     Concept describing: capacity, reliability and security, equipment, costs
  •     Road map for planning and implementation

  •     Preliminary design
    •         Functional schemes
    •         Description of technical systems and building
    •         Client´s acceptance + adjustments
  •     Final design
    •         Detailed drawings of systems and building
    •         Detailed specification of systems
    •         Cost calculation

  •     Preliminary design documents
  •     Client´s acceptance
  •     Final design documents
  •     Cost calculation
  •     Basis for functional tendering

  •     Selection of suppliers or setting up short lists
  •     Support purchasing of equipment and services
  •     Handling of tendering
    •         tender documents
    •         tendering
    •         assessment
    •         contract awards
  •     Control and approval of Delivery

  •     Tender prepared and executed
  •     Equipment and services purchased

Execution Planning

  •     Supervision of the execution planning
  •     Construction details
  •     Construction drawings
  •     Graphic projection
  •     Dimensioning of installation
  •     Instructions for installation
  •     Detailed lists of required material with quantities
  •     Shaft plans
  •     Time schedules and interfaces

  •     Construction and installation documents
  •     Construction drawings
  •     Material lists

Construction + Installation

  •     Construction and installation
  •     Supervision
  •     Project management
    •         Monitoring time, quality and costs
    •         Coordinating interfaces of different specialist works
    •         Monitoring the compliance with specifications, drawings and building approvals

  •     Data Center ready for Final Checks and handover

Handing Over

  •     Performing tests runs
  •     System performance checks
  •     Preparing the necessary documents
    •         Manuals, technical
    •         Descriptions, as isdrawings
    •         Operation instructions
    •        Test certificates
  •     Defining inspection and maintenance operations
  •     Training operational staff
  •     Official handing over

  •     Data Center Ready for Operation

Operation and Facility Management

  •     IT operation (different SLAs)
  •     Infrastructure operation
  •     Security services
  •     Facility management services
  •     Controlling warranty periods
  •     Monitoring and checking defined performance Levels

  •     Operation of the Datacenter

Constant Improvement

  •     Regular audits
  •     Energy efficiency checks
  •     Continuous adjustment to changes of equipment and of loads
  •     Certifications

  •     Continuously Updated Data Center

Data Center Value Added Services
  •     Location and Site Selection
  •     Business Case
  •     HR requirements
  •     Data Center Inventory Mapping

  • Location and Site Selection

  •     Options of different locations
  •     Options of different sites within locations
  •     Inter-site evaluation matrix incorporating over 15 factors with customized weightings

  •     Grading of locations and sites
  •     Recommendation for best fit

Business Case

  •     Ten year business plan with detailed assumptions
  •     Sizing and capacity build phases
  •     Capital structure and capex deployment
  •     Opex and fill rate
  •     Financial analysis through scenario build

  •     Budgeting and investment recommendation

HR requirements

  •     Propose organization structure
  •     Functional roles and responsibilities
  •     Job profiles
  •     Ramp up strategy

  •     HR blueprint to commence Data Centre operations

Data Center Inventory Mapping

  •     Mapping of IT hardware inventory to physical infrastructure
  •     Labelling, tagging and signage guidelines
  •     Transposition of As Built drawings to AutoCAD

  •     Inventory database to support HelpDesk operations and align to ITIL framework

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