ECM Solution

State-of-the-art photonics based solution providing cost effective radar deception capabilities.
With continuous development of advanced radar systems, countermeasure techniques have become more and more essential. After adopting the latest technology; namely Photonics, we have developed a modern radar deception system which is of great interest in Electronic Warfare field. The modular design of our solution allows adding more modules to the system for an extended deception range. In addition, the system has the capability to be incorporated into different platform types while maintaining commonality of equipment for reduced training and logistics footprints. Owing to the Photonics technology implemented, our system’s performance exceeds other systems which use traditional electronic technology.
  • Easy Implementation of the various deception techniques
  • Generation of complex RCSs
  • Reduction of SWaP
  • Frequencies between 0.02 and 40 GHz
  • Low cost in relation to RF solutions
  • Redundant & user friendly GUI software that enables full control of the system
  • Flexibility to install the receiver’s antenna several kilometers away
  • Multi-threat scenarios
  • Operation in both active and reactive modes
  • Supports both self protection and escort jamming scenarios
  • 40 GHz Instantaneous Bandwidth
  • < 15 dBm Input Signal Level
  • < 15 dB Noise Figure
  • 5 ns Minimum Delay
  • < 1 MHz Frequency Resolution
  • > 60 dB Instantaneous Dynamic Range
  • 150 W Power Consumption

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