Wideband ELINT Solution

State-of-the-art photonics based system that detects, analyses and identifies Radar RF signals.
Our ELINT system provides a modular and expandable system that meets the needs for complete EM spectrum monitoring. The modular design allows different platform types to be fitted with different levels of capability whilst maintaining commonality of equipment for reduced training and logistics footprints. Owing to the Photonics technology implemented, our system’s performance exceeds other systems which use traditional electronic technology.
The new Photonics technology gives the ELINT system major advantages and features such as:
  • 100% POI over the entire 40 GHz bandwidth
  • Pulse to Pulse instantaneous processing
  • Direction Finding (DF) precision better than 2˚ RMS
  • Simultaneous processing of up to 100 threats
  • Redundant & user friendly GUI software that enables full control of the system
  • Flexibility to install the receiver’s antenna several kilometers away
  • ̴0 second reaction time
  • High pulse density of 650 million pulses per second (PPS)
  • Reduced SWaP
  • 0.02 – 40 GHz Instantaneous Bandwidth
  • -90 – -15 dBm Input Signal Level
  • < 25 dB Noise Figure
  • < 1 MHz Frequency Resolution
  • > 55 dB Instantaneous Dynamic Range
  • 45 Kg of weight
  • 150 W Power Consumption

Applicable in following Business Areas:


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