Enterprise Integration

Practices that provide solutions to integrate and optimise processes in Enterprise application and data migration. 
With our expertise-led approach and technology acumen, we deliver end-to-end solutions spanning process discovery, documentation, integration, automation, monitoring and continuous improvements.  We are equipped to provide insights into product roadmaps and help plan and execute strategies better.  
Our enterprise integration and data migration unit helps clients achieve greater value through innovative solutions and deep competence in various integration and data migration technologies. Our solutions enable enterprises to:

•    Reduce total cost of ownership
•    Focus on the following:
      o    Performance 
      o    Training
      o    Ability to predict well in advance
      o    Transparency and commitment

We ensure on-time and within budget solutions that deliver greater business value for our clients. 
•    Legacy application porting to new technologies
•    Component and design re-use
•    Data import and migration
•    Migration of production environments

Applicable in following Business Areas:


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