Military Electronics Shelter Solutions

Providing a wide range of customised solutions for battle management based on specific customer needs.  
Our Military Electronics Shelter Solutions provide a wide range of tactical customised solutions that serve battle management, C4I-SR (and reduced derivatives thereof) in accordance with customer-requirement specifics such as communication, surveillance, tracking and navigation, data processing and analysis for battle management or electronic warfare. 
All sizes of shelters can be provided on chassis or deployable separately as Communication Centers, Command & Operation Centers or EW Operation Centers.
•    Full 360° situational awareness for extra surveillance capabilities day and night
•    Tactical military communication capabilities HF, VHF and VSAT
•    Automated navigation and tracking systems that use Radio links or GSM networks
•    Local and remote monitoring capabilities
•    Data management capabilities
•    EW SIGINT capabilities

Applicable in following Business Areas:


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