Network Solutions by AEC

Delivering the power of next generation networks.
Our Network solutions are targeted towards Telecom Service Providers, Private Enterprises and Government clients. Our services include Network Design, Deployment, Device Testing and Technical Assistance, Technical bid support, Order Management and ongoing 24/7 service assurance.

Our Network services are designed to deliver predictable application response times over the network and span all stages of the lifecycle.
Our key deliverables include:
  • Designing
  • Pre-Staging
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Operation
  • Optimization
  • Technical Support Services
Service Provider

Our specialized solutions include:

Next Generation Networks
At AEC, we enable Service Providers to harness the power of Next Generation Networks to provide new services which in turn generates additional streams of revenue. Our experience in designing and deploying converged infrastructures, we guide our clients in building an IP-based carrier-class network transporting voice, video, and data.

Consolidation of network infrastructure allows Service Providers to lower operating expenses while adding flexibility and functionality. In addition, by separating service provisioning from the underlying transport mechanisms, Service Providers can reduce the time-to-market for new service offerings  IP/MPLS

We have developed and extended the MPLS networks of the largest carriers in the Middle East. Using this broad experience as our foundation, we work with Service Providers in designing, building and upgrading the IP/MPLS networks, which comprise the backbone for our service offerings. In addition, we assist carriers in developing and offering differentiated Services for voice, video, and data traffic based on effective Quality of Service policies.

Metro Ethernet
Metro Ethernet service offers customers increased cost effectiveness, reliability, scalability and bandwidth management for today's rapidly changing marketplace. We partner with Service Providers in designing and implementing Metropolitan Access Networks (MAN's) based on Carrier-grade Ethernet. With our extensive technical and human resources, we are well-positioned to aid providers in delivering the last-mile connectivity demanded by today's business customers.

Transmission Networks
Service Providers require reliable partners in the planning, deployment, and support of their transmission networks based on Carrier Ethernet, SDH and DWDM. Being the partner of world-class carriers throughout the region, we have fulfilled this role with promise. Offering extensive expertise in the deployment of various transmission media as well as integration between them, we relieve Service Providers of the considerable costs associated with network rollouts & expansions, allowing them to focus on their core business.

We offer a range of solutions to suit specific client needs. These include:

Unified Communications
Today's enterprise clients face the challenges of mobile workforces, the increased need for collaboration and constant pressure to reduce costs. Unified Communications, based on a converged IP network for voice, video and data, help to solve these challenges. Having deployed these applications amongst its own employees, we offer unrivaled experience in guiding clients through the process of choosing the appropriate solution for their business, planning the implementation and finally deploying and customizing the solution.

Campus Networks
We assist clients with designing, planning, and implementing campus-wide networks. Whether building and connecting a 'green field' campus or performing a campus-wide network upgrade, we come with the experience and resources required to deliver solutions, even in the most demanding situations.

Application Acceleration and Optimization
Enterprise clients today demand high performance from both their applications and the transport infrastructure supporting them. Our close partnerships with the leading vendors of application acceleration and optimization can deliver that value. We work with clients in analyzing and identifying application traffic patterns and then tailor the appropriate solutions for optimizing the user experience, regardless of the user's location.

Applicable in following Business Areas:


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