NetworkOp Center Solutions by AEC

Integrating multiple systems under a single environment seamlessly.
We assist clients in building a NOC from the ground up. Starting with the planning and design of the actual physical facility itself, we provide guidance regarding site layout, electrical and utility requirements, as well as building safety precautions. After the planning stages, we work with clients in completing the remaining site preparation tasks, such as cabling, equipment housing and testing. Once the NOC has been built and tested, we continue to partner with clients during the operations phase to ensure that project milestones are achieved.

Customers today face the daunting challenge of operating multiple systems from different vendors in a single environment. The associated costs of operations and maintenance for these disparate systems as well as the resulting 'information overload’, diminish their value and expected return-on-investments. We provide essential knowledge and resources to seamlessly integrate these systems, providing a simplified user interface, avoiding data duplication, and optimizing business operations through reduced costs.

Network Management Systems
Our partnerships and experience with leading providers of Network Management systems and applications allow clients to choose the right solution for their needs. The main functions of Fault Management, Network Monitoring, Performance Analysis and Data Inventory can all be tailored to fit the strictest of client requirements. Reporting of critical information can be performed on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis as well as per-incident.

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