Prototyping & Familiarisation Device

An integral part of the development environment at Airbus Defense and Space. 
TPFD is an integration of real aircraft software, simulated aircraft equipment controlled via touch screen and cockpit layout in line with the real aircraft.
  • Rapid Requirement Prototyping
  • Early Aircrew Acceptance
  • Support for Software Development and Software Maintenance
  • Aircrew Familiarisation of new mission functionality
  • Incident Analysis and Replay
  • Ease of communication
  • Local support capabilities
  • Time and effort efficiency
  • Appropriate Human machine Interface (HMI) definitions 
  • TPFD Environment is portable
    • TPFD runs on a workstation or on a laptop
    • TPFD runs in a virtual machine
  • TPFD environment provides a Software Development Environment for all OFPs
  • TPFD environment provides a Test environment for all OFPs
  • TPFD environment provides an integration platform for all OFPs
  • TPFD environment provides a mobile training device

Applicable in following Business Areas:


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