Security Solutions By AEC

Different goals require diverse security measures.
Information is typically any organization's most important asset. Protection and security of information assets is therefore necessary to establish and maintain trust between the organization and its clients. It also helps to maintain compliance with the law and protect the reputation of the organization.

Societies cannot thrive and prosper if its people are not safe and secure. From dealing with the threat of international terrorism to safeguarding their assets, governments today face an ever-changing set of security challenges.
We at AEC are equipped with vigilance and security awareness thus playing an important role in society. We help governments ensure that they are able to meet the expectations of citizens, employees and legislative bodies.
Information Security is the process of preventing destruction, theft, alteration or misuse of sensitive information. In today’s networked business environments, information security can only be effectively achieved through a combination of physical and technical security measures.

Our Infrastructure Security solution provides the design and architecture of a realistic solution based on the business environment to minimize business threats and risks. We build our security architecture based on principles of defense, in-depth and multi-layered defense mechanisms.

These ensure that the organization has several layers of protection that can thwart the most malicious of hackers. The design also balances protection with cost this provides an optimum cost effective security solution.

Our consultants assess and analyze networks and information systems to design a Security Architecture that enforces Information Security policies. Moreover, as a third party, we provide independent, risk based advice, based upon international standards and practices. 
  • Independent high level security assessment of information environments
  • Identification of weaknesses and vulnerabilities within the current information security architecture
  • Security Consulting
    • Audits
    • Penetration Testing and Verification
    • Training
    • Systems & Network Components Hardening
    • Cyber Forensics
    • Security Management & Monitoring
  • Comprehensive security design incorporating the following Security Solutions:
    • Firewalls
    • Network Intrusion Detection/Prevention (IDS/IPS)
    • Host Intrusion Detection/Prevention (HIPS)
    • Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Solutions
    • Content Management Solutions
    • Patch Management Solutions
    • Encryption Solutions
    • VPN and SSL
    • Access Control
    • Vulnerability Assessment
    • Identity Management
    • Systems and Network Components Hardening
    • Security Management and Monitoring Solutions
Recommendations on alternative solution options to enhance the level of information security taking into account budget and business.

Applicable in following Business Areas:


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