An integrated IT environment – the need of a dynamic business environment.

System & Storage Solutions by AEC

In today’s highly competitive IT systems environment, more options and greater flexibility are available when selecting platforms that provide the integrity, availability and operational benefits varied organization needs. Adapting to rapidly changing business environments require a standardized, modular and integrated IT environment. The foundation of such an adaptive enterprise is its hardware platforms and operating systems that serve as the core building blocks of an IT infrastructure.
Powerful and integrated systems can help organizations increase the power, performance and availability of their IT infrastructure whilst dramatically reducing overall operation costs. Our Bespoke Systems Design and Architecture service consists of accurately tailoring and sizing a central computing environment. The components of this computing environment include:
National and International regulations today require organizations to store data for longer and in a more secure fashion. In addition, digital graphics files, web pages, software and round the clock email access require ever more storage needs.
Our Storage Systems Design involves translating the client’s business requirements into the storage infrastructure solution that can accommodate the existing and future storage requirements in line with expected data growth requirements.

Designing a storage solution consists of working closely with clients to build a scalable storage infrastructure that identifies and categorizes data into critical, non-critical and archive. An appropriate storage strategy then needs to be developed that places these different classifications of data on the appropriate storage technology from fast and expensive to slower and least expensive. Both the strategy and the technology need to be continually reviewed and improved to meet the organization’s ever-growing requirements.

Our storage experts can help to put in place a road map for the design, the implementation and the future improvements of the chosen architecture. The road map takes into account all the factors affecting the organization’s current and future storage demands including existing interoperability requirements
The solution also needs to be scalable and flexible to ensure the IT system can respond to future business needs. We supply, build and deploy IT infrastructure systems in the following areas:
  • Servers & Storage
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Virtualization & Consolidation
  • Backup Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Cloud Computing
  • Studying the business requirements for an IT system
  • Sizing the core IT computing requirements for business applications such as ERP, CRM, SCM and messaging applications, ensure backward compatibility with existing systems
  • Designing the integrated solutions architecture based on business needs and the existing IT environment
  • Storage analysis and sizing the required storage architecture. This will involve analysis of a whole range of issues including:
    • Current and future business needs for storage
    • Different types of data and the criticality of data
    • Requirements for Synchronous and Asynchronous backup
    • Centralized or distributed requirements
    • Business continuity and disaster recovery policies
    • Backup technology being used and the performance of the technology
    • Designing an appropriate integrated storage solution using the most appropriate storage architecture and technologies including SAN, NAS, Archiving and Backup
    • Identifying the backup requirements based on the designed storage

Applicable in following Business Areas:


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