Tactical Communications System

Providing standalone and joint tactical communication systems (JTCS), deployed by the Saudi armed forces.
AEC provides many Tactical Communication solutions to suit C2 and C3I system applications including Tactical radios in both mobile and man pack packages, satellite communications for both voice and many widely used tactical data links, e.g. (Link11, Link 16).
•    Tactical Radios: HF,VHF,UHF and software defied radio
•    Satellite communication: SATCOM, VSAT
•    Other Networks: GSM ,PSTN and TETRA 
VHF Radios: 
•    Frequency Range 30 - 108Mhz
•    Up to 40km of range 
•    High level digital cipher encryption
•    Multiple Simultaneous Access (MSA)
•    Enabled Frequency Hopping 
HF Radios:
•    Frequency Range 1.6 - 30Mhz
•    Up to 500 km of range 
•    Support AES-256 digital cipher encryption
•    Support Automatic Link Establishment (ALE)
•    Different antenna types to suit the required application 
•    Enabled Frequency Hopping 
•    Multiband: VHF / UHF
•    Ad-Hoc Networking
•    Frequency Hopping 
•    Full Duplex Voice and Data 
•    High Data Rate 
•    Integration to Strategic Communication Systems
•    Support high data rates (Up to 100Mb/s)
•    Star or mesh networks 
•    Fixed and mobile deployments
•    Communication on the move (COTM)

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