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Smart Metering as a Service (SMaaS) is the latest trend in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technologies that enable customers to deploy AMI solution much more quickly and at a lower cost.
Smart Metering as Service (SMaaS) is a service oriented solution that provides customers with information of their utility consumption of all types: Electricity, Water, or Gas.
Metering data will be sent through a secured communication hub to a computing resource pool (e.g. Cloud) that host the applications to gather, sort, analyse, and store metering data. These data can only be viewed by authorized users, i.e. asset operator, utility readers and single consumers, via accessing and using their accounts for authentication.
The business model is service based. That is, users will purchase services according to their needs. Each service provides users with a particular feature of the AMI system. Following is a list of such services:
  1. Billing Data Service
  2. Instantaneous Reading Service
  3. Energy Consumption Service
  4. Tampering and Events Detection Service
  5. Load Profile Service
  6. Consumer Portal Service
  7. On-Demand Data Request Service
  • Less CapEx, OpEx
  • Less Time to Implement AMI
  • Outsourcing Business Processes
  • Focusing on Core business
  • Cost Effective
  • Utility Usage and Pricing Transparency
  • Advanced Metering and Data Analysis
  • Enhanced service
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Residential  Compounds
  • Shopping Malls 

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