Command and Control


System Rundown:

Providing prudent C4I solutions that help the military’s chain of command in assigning orders and making recourses. AEC’s C4I solutions cater to strategic and tactical operations by collecting, coordinating, and processing information from the battlefield.


Salient Features:

Communication Capabilities

  • Joint Tactical Communications (JTCS)
  • Radio Communications
  • GIS Solutions for Commanders
  • National Encryption

Physical Systems

  • Electronic Warfare Equipment
  • CCTV Systems

Management Functionalities

  • Advanced Fleet Management Systems
  • Advanced Surveillance Systems


Tactical Benefits:
  • Efficient management of troop via fleet management and tracking systems.
  • Mitigating harsh environmental conditions via computing solutions and an interactive user interface.
  • Intelligence gathering and situational analysis through RADARs, EW systems, and a wide range of sensors.