Enterprise Applications Solutions


AEC’s technical staff holds expertise and prowess in handling all types of software/applications, which enables us to integrate multiple channels and platforms. Our business intelligent systems and government resource systems are designed to provide a wholesome mix of solutions.


With the intent to align with Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” and core ”Saudization Plan”, we employ talented Saudi engineers who induce innovation and agility across businesses through digital transformations.



Core Specialization:


  • Business Process Reengineering

AEC recalibrates business workflows, operational modes, and key processes in order to eliminate redundancies, reduce operational costs, and reinvent the rationale for growth.


  • Implementation

AEC deploys software, hardware, and network capabilities to actualize the financial and operational goals stipulated under applications solutions. Our customer relationship management (CRM) and system relationship management (SRM) tools help businesses in leveraging outputs and accelerating business processes.


  • Data Migration

We facilitate swift, secure, and unhindered transfer of data across multiple systems; this prevents data-mislaying due to changes in storage, database, or application.


  • Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence services are characterized by rigorous rounds of data analysis, regrouping, and information acquisition to present explicit solutions to businesses.


  • Lifecycle Services

We encompass a tailored service portfolio from basic services to advanced value-added offerings that can continually revolutionize the productivity of businesses.