Enterprise System (EAS)



AEC’s Enterprise System, also known as Enterprise Application System (EAS), is an integrated platform that facilitates the deployment of various applications and programs for several ancillaries within an enterprise. EAS uses software for data migration, enterprise application implementation, and system integration.


Key Applications
  • Business Intelligence: EAS helps in gathering useful insights about the dynamics of a business and facilitates better decision- making.
  • Web Portals: Development of key web portals to ensure perpetual outflow and inflow of information.
  • Mobile Apps: Develop robust mobile apps that can harness multiple benefits for enterprises and individuals.


Key Services
  • Data Warehousing: Collection and analysis of data to derive business insights.
  • E-Services Development: Core electronic services that are useful for various business longitudes.
  • Implementation of Governance Services: Cornerstone for growth within business enterprises in the long-run.