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SAMI-AEC a Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) company established under the Directives of the Government of Saudi Arabia, SAMI-AEC has traced a Graph of Progressive Development to become a National Technology Asset through the use of Engineering Solutions. Our Expertise in Design & Manufacturing, Repair and Maintenance, and Technology Solutions has Earned the Trust of the Government of Saudi Arabia.

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“Saudization”- Valuing National Talents

SAMI-AEC’s employee mix majorly consists of young, driven, and talented Saudi Nationals. We value the Stellar Abilities of the Saudi Arabian Youth by running Core Training Programs internally and externally.

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SAMI Launches a New Software Defined Radio Systems Production Line in Contribution to the Saudi Vision 2030

Riyadh, August 28, 2023: with the collaboration with the ministry of defense and the support of the General Authority of Military industry (GAMI), SAMI a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund (PIF) and Saudi Arabia's national champion of defense industries, is thrilled to announce its recent endeavors in strengthening the Saudi defense industries by inaugurating a new production line dedicated to software-defined multi-band radio systems (SDR’s). This production line, in collaboration with L3Harris Technologies and the SAMIL3Harris Joint Venture is set up at SAMI-AEC, a national leader for decades in the field of electronic manufacturing capabilities, who will produce these industry leading radio systems locally in Riyadh.



Eng. Walid A. Abukhaled, CEO of SAMI, spoke proudly of this partnership, emphasizing not only its role in bolstering ties with global defense industry pioneer L3Harris but also showcasing the company’s commitment to both entities to significantly advance local capacity in this key focus area. He further noted, "This venture is instrumental in our pursuit of the Saudi 2030 Vision's directive to localize 50% of the Kingdom's defense spending, which will also contribute to boosting the local content and our continues partnership with Royal Saudi Land Forces. SAMI is determined to provide cutting edge technology while growing and developing local talents and capabilities."



Eng. Ziad Al-Musallam, CEO of SAMI-AEC, reiterated the company's unwavering dedication to bolstering the Saudi defense manufacturing landscape via strategic alliances, with plans to broaden these collaborations. This approach aligns seamlessly with our vision to indigenize technologies tailored to the defense sector. He proudly highlighted the company's achievement in crafting the paramount component of the Software-defined Radio (SDR) systems and emphasized its pivotal role in amplifying the capabilities of the Saudi Royal Land Forces.



Echoing these sentiments Sam Mehta, President L3Harris Communications Systems, voiced strong support and pride for the unique collaboration, stating, "Our cooperation with SAMI by setting up a strategically important Joint Venture and teaming with SAMI-AEC for launching software-defined radio (SDR) production line, further strengthening a lasting partnership of over 40 years. L3Harris remains committed to collaborating with SAMI, championing their mission to fortify the Kingdom's military industrial domain."



SAMI and L3Harris embarked on a collaborative journey focused on Electro-optical and Infrared (EO/IR) technologies, alongside special mission systems within Saudi Arabia. Building on a strong relationship, the two entities have now inaugurated this latest venture, solidifying their mutual commitment to localizing the world’s best technology through persistent cooperation.

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SAMI Launches a New Software Defined Radio Systems Production Line in Contribution to the Saudi Vision 2030

SAMI-AEC Forges Strategic Partnership with Lockheed Martin to Bolster Regional Repair Capabilities

SAMI-AEC Forges Strategic Partnership with Lockheed Martin to Bolster Regional Repair Capabilities


SAMI-AEC's Repair Center Emerges as Middle East's Premier Facility for Sniper Pod Trade Mark LRU Repairs

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 18 June 2023: SAMI-AEC, a subsidiary of SAMI (the Saudi Arabia's national champion of defense industries), proudly announces a strategic partnership with Lockheed Martin. This partnership officially designates SAMI-AEC's Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod (ATP)Repair Center as the world's premier, Middle East-based repair facility for Line-Replaceable Units (LRUs), offering enhanced maintenance and repair services.



Lockheed Martin's decision to select SAMI-AEC's facility as its primary hub for specialized unit repairs reinforces the unrivalled competencies and expertise of SAMI-AEC in the realm of contemporary electronics and manufacturing. This unique designation in the Middle East signifies a major milestone for both SAMI-AEC and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in fortifying their defense capabilities through state-of-the-art technology and innovation.



This collaboration aligns perfectly with SAMI-AEC's pledge to support the localization of 50% of the country's military spending by the end of the decade, a goal set forth by Saudi Vision 2030. In tandem with Lockheed Martin, SAMI-AEC is not only enhancing local defense capacities but also contributing to the development of Saudi Arabia's industrial and commercial sectors.



Eng. Ziad Al-Musallam, CEO of SAMI-AEC, welcomed the partnership with high spirits: "This cooperation with Lockheed Martin solidifies SAMI-AEC's outstanding reputation in providing superior repair and maintenance services. As the only designated repair center in the Middle East for the Sniper Pod LRU, we are set to deliver time and cost-efficient solutions to our clients. We remain dedicated to the fulfillment of Saudi Vision 2030's objectives, reaffirming our commitment to bolstering the Kingdom's defense sector."



Joseph Rank, Chief Executive for Lockheed Martin in Saudi Arabia and Africa, said: "Partnering with SAMI-AEC allows us to tap into their world-class repair proficiency, ensuring the continuous upkeep and improvement of our LRUs. By working together, we aim to provide advanced defensive capabilities that outmatch and pre-empt emerging threats. This cooperation aligns with our mission of delivering innovative solutions that help our clients navigate, deter, and stay ahead of potential threats."

He continued: “our partnership with SAMI-AEC reflects our deep support to the Kingdom localization agenda and Vision 2030”. 



This groundbreaking collaboration has already shown remarkable progress. SAMI-AEC has seen a 53% increase in the Sniper Pod LRU repair capability. SAMI-AEC is an industry-leading technology and manufacturing enterprise specializing in the Defense and Aerospace, Digital, Energy, and Security sectors Established in Riyadh in 1988. With a staff of over 2,800, including 85% highly qualified Saudi nationals and more than 800 expert engineers, the company provides high-tech product design, development, service, and maintenance.

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SAMI-AEC Forges Strategic Partnership with Lockheed Martin to Bolster Regional Repair Capabilities

SAMI-AEC Signs Strategic Agreements to Drive Digital Transformation in the Kingdom

Riyadh, February 9, 2023: SAMI-AEC, a subsidiary of SAMI, has signed eight memorandums of understanding and cooperation agreements with government agencies and international companies to further its efforts to drive digital transformation in the Kingdom.

 The agreements were signed at the world's largest international tech conference, LEAP 23, held at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center from February 6-9, 2023.


Eng. Ziad Al-Musallam, CEO of SAMI-AEC, expressed his pride in the signing of these agreements, which will support the development of digital infrastructure in various sectors of the Kingdom. He stated that these agreements represent a significant step forward in the Kingdom's digital transformation journey and a key enabler in achieving the goals of Vision 2030.


Eng. Al-Musallam also mentioned that the company's participation in LEAP 23 provided a unique opportunity to showcase SAMI-AEC's role in developing the technical capabilities ecosystem in Saudi Arabia and supporting projects that enable the local industry.


The agreements signed include one with the Ministry of Sports, with a focus on digital transformation for smart stadiums, digital solutions, cybersecurity, and infrastructure, as well as the localization of information technology expertise and contribution to the digital sports industry. A joint cooperation agreement was also signed with the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture to support the implementation of digital infrastructure initiatives.


An MoU was signed with Saudi Railways to provide security solutions, managed services, and IT infrastructure solutions, while another was signed with the Saudi Electricity Company to provide infrastructure solutions and technology localization. SAMI-AEC also signed a contract for operating the digital technical infrastructure and providing technical support with the General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information.


SAMI-AEC signed strategic agreements with Chronolife Company, Intelligent Security System Company (ISS), and the Advanced Technology and Cyber Security Company (Sirar) to support infrastructure development, projects in government sectors, and localizing technology. These agreements also encompass investing in new projects, localizing them, and enabling the smart cities sector.


Established in 1988, SAMI-AEC is a leading company in the fields of technology, electronics, and industries. The company designs, develops, manufactures, maintains, and repairs advanced systems and products in the defense, aviation, communications, information technology, security, and energy sectors. With over 2,800 team members, including more than 700 highly skilled and certified engineers, SAMI-AEC is well-positioned to drive digital transformation in the Kingdom.

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SAMI-AEC Signs Strategic Agreements to Drive Digital Transformation in the Kingdom

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