Over the past years, SAMI Advanced Electronics Company has gained enormous and diverse experience in electronic manufacturing so it became a leader in this field for both military and industrial sectors. Manufacturing department has the capability to manufacture electronic products with many technologies that comply with international quality standards. Also testing the products in various environmental conditions.



Business Areas

The manufacturing department provides many services that meet customer requirements and in accordance to military and industrial standards.
Some of the Manufacturing activities include:

  • Manufacturing and testing of various types of circuit boards.
  • Manufacturing and integrations of electronics units and systems
  • Various environmental testing of products.
  • Assembling of electronic panels.
  • Building of electrical cable and Wire harness.
  • Design and development of test equipment.
  • Design and development of test equipment.
  • Programming test and manufacturing machines to the product requirements.
  • Implementing continuous improvement programs to enhance quality and cut cost.
  • Increasing the knowledge of the technical team in all advanced electronic fields.