We at MRO deliver technical services and support to a wide range of customers through the electronics repair center located at AEC and Field Services Representatives at the customer's site across the country.



Business Areas

MRO capabilities overview:

  • Modern 2,725 m2 Repair Center equipped with various test and repair equipment, clean rooms dark rooms. Facility has a security clearance up to U.S. secret and Saudi top secret which allows AEC to work on highly classified projects.
  • Highly skilled and qualified Workforce.
  • Repair Operations includes; test, Fault isolation, rework and repair on all levels and locations.
  • Assembly and Integration of aircraft simulators.
  • Modifications and Upgrades of products/systems.
  • Operation and maintenance on Products/systems level.
  • Technical Training for Customers.
  • Installation and Commissioning of systems.
  • Logistics services.