Data Concentrator Unit (DCU)



AEC’s Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) is the backbone of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that helps in data acquisition, transfer of energy data to the central database, and automated meter reading in electronic energy meters. DCUs are primarily used in low voltage electric power systems.


Technical Specifications

  • 32 bit ARM9 hardware platform
  • Linux Operating System Platform
  • GPRS Communication Technology
  • Electric Power Carrier Communication Technology


Distinguishing Features

Data collection
  • Demand data reading
  • Day data reading
  • Billing data reading
  • Key users profile data reading
  • Power quality profile reading
  • Event reading
Data storage
    • Capacity of one concentrator: 1024 pcs PLC meters
    • Data storage period
      • Curve of daily data: 60 days
      • Monthly billing data: 12 months
      • 96 hourly curve data of 20 key users in 10 days
      • Record of last 1024 events
      • Data Storage Capacity: 32M
Data Recopy, Alarming
        • In case of automatic meter reading failures, the concentrator initiates a retransmission mechanism. The number of retransmissions can be configured and the default transmission value is 3.
        • When the concentrator fails to read the meter in desired time interval, the concentrator re-reads the meter ‘n’ times to achieve the desired time interval (‘n’ can be configured). If untimely reading errors exceed ‘n’, the concentrator sends a warning to the main station.
Time Hack Function
        • Concentrator’s time can be adjusted by the main station.
        • The master station can ascertain the start-time and end-time for day light saving in concentrators.
        • Supports Persian and Gregorian calendars
On-site copying function
        • HHU can read the concentrator data through optical port, and the data can be sent to the master station.
        • Support optical port (IEC61056-21)
        • Support RS485 (IEC62056-46)
        • Self-diagnose & Abnormal information record
        • Remote control function
        • Upgrade function
        • Key users Monitor
        • Data Security
        • Inbuilt Web server