wADDAD 280W-R Residential Ultrasonic Water Meter



The 280W-R Residential Ultrasonic Water Meter provides water metering solutions for domestic needs. These meters outperform conventional meters by withstanding harsh environments, water solids, depreciation, and magnetic vandalization.


Salient Features

Physical Characteristics
  • Durable BRASS sensor body
  • Wear-Free Ultrasonic Technology
  • Compact and Intact parts
  • Patented Sensor Design
  • Tamper-proof design
  • 9-digit display LCD
Functional Capabilities
  • Leakage detection
  • Bi-directional flow
  • Low pressure drop
  • Free positioning for installation
  • Skips measurement of air in pipe
Key Specifications
  • IP 68 Water-Proof
  • NIST calibration to Metrology ISO 4064 Class D
  • Radio module for drive-by meter reading or AMR/AMI fixed meter reading
  • Data Logger with 700 daily totals and 24 monthly totals
  • Optional AMR/AMI and Billing solutions


Technical Specifications

Electrical Data
  • Power Supply: Battery 3.6V, Lithium Replacement Interval: >10 years at tBAT<30°C (86°F)
  • Power Consumption: <0.1W
  • Backup Power Supply: Internal SuperCap
  • M-Bus (default).Optional: optical isolated Pulse, RF 433MHz or RF 868MHz Other type can be customised upon request
  • CE approval: EN61326-1:2006
Accuracy / MPE (Maximum Permissible Error)

MPE according to ISO 4064:2005 or OIML R49

  • ±2 in the range Q2 £ Q < Q4;
  • ±5 in the range Q1 £ Q £ Q2 [for T £ 30ºC (85ºF)]
  • ±3 in the range Q2 £ Q < Q4
  • ±5 in the range Q1 £ Q £ Q2 [forT> 30ºC (85ºF)]
  • Dynamic Range: R=250 for DN15~DN25
Mechanical Data
  • Metrological Class: 2 (according to ISO 4064:2005 or OIML R49)
  • Environmental Class: B / C
  • Electromagnetic Class: E1
  • EnvironmentalTemp: 0 ~ 60°C (32 ~ 140°F)
  • Permissible FlowTemp: 0.1 ~ 60°C (35 ~ 140°F) for long term and up to 95°C (203°F) for short term.
  • Enclosure Protection: IP68
  • Integrator Detachable: No
  • Pressure: PN16
Pressure Loss
  • The pressure loss of a flow sensor is proportional to the square on the flow: Δp = k x Q2 Here Δp is pressure loss, Q is volume flow rate and k is the coefficient.
  • The DN15 (½”) meter has k=0.067 and Δp less than 0.48bar at Q3
  • The press losses for all the sizes meet the ISO 4064:2005, OIML R49 and AWWA standards