AEC Wins LinkedIn Award

Riyadh, 25 November 2019: The Advanced Electronics Company (AEC), a Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) company, won the LinkedIn Award for Best Development, Training, and Learning Culture among more than 1,000 companies in the Middle East and North Africa. The award is a culmination of the company’s efforts as an incubator of outstanding talents who are trained in accordance with the best training and qualification methodologies in the Kingdom and the region.

LinkedIn presents this award to encourage HR departments in companies and institutions interested in using the solutions and activities on its platform. It works on developing talents and offering valuable training programs that enhance the capabilities of employees and meet their needs as an influential segment in providing technical and administrative solutions in the fields of Best Learning Culture, Best Social Employee, Rising Star, Best Talent Acquisition Team, Best Brand, and Leading Talent Analytics.

This year, more than 200 HR leaders from the largest companies and institutions in the Middle East participated in the award, which targets organizations and institutions in the private and public sectors.

AEC’s win came after the LinkedIn team analyzed the performance, results, and impact of more than 1,000 organizations across the MENA region in finding, hiring, and developing outstanding talents using LinkedIn Solutions. The company was chosen as a final candidate for this year’s Best Learning Culture awards, and the final announcement came in November 2019 with the company winning first prize and the prestigious HR award.

AEC CEO Mr. Abdulaziz Al Duailej expressed the company’s happiness with this impressive win, which culminates the company’s ambitious plan to attract Saudi talents and develop their skills through world-class training programs to build a remarkable team that drives the company to success and strengthens its famed efficient and high-quality project execution. He noted that this meets the company’s aspirations as a leader in the fields of electronics and industries working within an advanced military system aiming to develop military and logistics industries in the Kingdom.


Senior Vice President of HR Eng. Abdullah Al Qadi noted that this award reflects the company’s efforts in training its talents and creating an environment that encourages development and innovation in line with the needs of the job market as well as rapidly changing technologies. He added that the company is proud to be an incubator for technical and administrative talents and the valuable expertise of more than 2,100 employees, more than 80 percent of whom are Saudis. In addition, the team includes more than 300 trained, qualified and certified Saudi engineers working across the company’s different departments.