SAMI-AEC to Display its Latest Innovations at LEAP 2023

RIYADH, 06 Feb. – SAMI Advanced Electronics Company, a subsidiary of SAMI, will participate in LEAP 2023. In its second iteration, the convention is scheduled to take place at the Riyadh Front Exhibition and Convention Center from February 6th to 9th under the banner of "Into New Worlds".


SAMI-AEC will showcase its latest innovations in smart city and cybersecurity products, digitalized healthcare solutions, and next-generation managed services. Furthermore, SAMI-AEC will exhibit its experts' industry-leading inventions in the fields of defense, aerospace, telecommunications, information technology, energy, and security.


"It goes without saying that SAMI-AEC is excited about participating in this top international technology event in the Middle East," said Ziad Al-Musallam, Chief Executive Officer of SAMI-AEC. "This is an excellent opportunity to interact with some of the world's most prestigious organizations and to meet some of the brightest minds in the fields of technology, telecommunications, and digitization."


SAMI-AEC's participation in this significant event demonstrates its commitment to the growth and diversification of the Saudi economy. "in line with national ambitions and Vision 2030, we are proud to assist in promoting the implementation of advanced technologies and smart solutions which will contribute to the prosperity and success of the Kingdom", he said.


During LEAP 2023, SAMI-AEC seeks to explore opportunities for collaboration and partnership with public agencies and private organizations. In its pavilion, the company will showcase its cyber security center, which is fully equipped to detect, track, and contain cyber threats. Besides managing servers, network hardware, organizational IT data, and security functions, SAMI-AEC's trademark security center can also manage other network-related functions.


SAMI-AEC is set to launch its second generation of managed services and cloud computing systems, as well as the latest innovations in its total healthcare testing platforms. Moreover, SAMI-AEC will demonstrate several upcoming products, including Internet of Things (IoT) based solutions, industrial IoT solutions, and its DD-S-E-001 data diode, which ensures the highest level of security for critical, self-contained networks within data-sensitive industries such as the military.


SAMI-AEC’s participation in LEAP 2023 represents its ambitions and vision to contribute innovatively at the international level. The company’s attendance marks an extremely significant step in placing itself on the global technological map and strengthening its position as a leading high-tech center that connects three continents.


In addition to bringing together experts and innovators from around the world, the conference provides an opportunity for them to exchange knowledge and expertise in a variety of technical fields. Furthermore, the conference aims to promote digital transformation, accelerate the application of cutting-edge technology, utilize innovative practices effectively, and promote the domestic economy in order to achieve Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 strategic objectives.


Founded in 1988, SAMI-AEC is a leading electronics, technology, engineering, and manufacturing enterprise that designs, develops, services, and maintains high-tech products and systems for the Defense and Aerospace, ICT, Energy, and Security sectors. The company employs more than 2,600 people, 85 percent of whom are highly qualified Saudi men and women, with more than 800 engineers and certified resources in various fields of knowledge and expertise.