Medical Device Integration



AEC’s Medical Device Integration Solutions are meant to facilitate unhindered transfer of information from medical devices to information systems (HIS or other systems) within healthcare facilities. This in turn helps medical practitioners in getting quick access to patient data and information. At AEC, we have developed core IT capabilities to establish workable connections between the aforementioned systems. The terms ‘Biomedical Device Integration’ and ‘Biomedical Device Connectivity’ are also used to refer to Medical Device Integration systems.


Key Benefits
  • Swift updates for patient data
  • Reduced reliance on manual work
  • Improved workflow efficiency
  • Diminished scope for human error
  • Reduced paperwork and documentation


Functional Mechanism
  • Connection: Establishing a robust connection between medical devices and information systems for smooth flow of patient data.
  • Integration: Integration of medical devices with the IT facilities in a healthcare unit.
  • Analysis: Analyzing patient data and information for medical recourse.


Distinguishing Features
  • Improved alarm systems
  • Patient data capture
  • Real-time data