GPRS/GSM Gateway



AEC’s GPRS/GSM gateway is a communication device that connects data centers (HES server) and meters, in order to provide remote access to the data stored in smart meters. The low amount of power required for connecting the HES server to the meters is a distinguishing feature of GPRS/GSM gateway.


Salient Features

  • Automatic switching between GSM and GPRS
  • Live access to the Meter(s) supported
  • Periodic Meter reading
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Internal fault detection & notification


Technical Specifications

  • 8 LEDs indicators: Power, Anomaly, Signal Strength, NET, GSM TX, GSM RX, COM TX, COM RX
  • >3 Watts of Power Consumption
  • Meter Communication: RS-485, RS232, AND Euridis
    • RS-485 Gateway: Supports up to 31 Meters using DLMS protocol
    • RS-232 Gateway: Supports 1 Meter using DLMS protocol
    • EURIDIS Gateway: Supports up to 100 Meters using EURIDIS protocol


  • Certified by ENAC & CTIA Accredited Lab
  • Certified by CITC Saudi Arabia