Smart Grids & Smart Meters


AEC is on a quest to fast-track the growth of the energy sector of Saudi Arabia through the use of smart grids and smart meters. We provide Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that is forecasted to enhance productivity through the deployment of two-way communication channels, utility meters, and accurate meter reading techniques.


AEC believes that the deployment of smart grids and smart meters would play a pivotal role in meeting the energy projections rolled out under Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.



In-Built Products


  • eADDAD- Energy Smart Meters
  • wADDAD - Water Meters
  • Gateway
  • Data Concentration Unit



Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)


Incorporation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) shall bring about key developments in Saudi Arabia’s energy sector.

Study of energy consumption patterns of customers, establishment of two-way communication between control rooms and smart meters, and analysis of billing data are some of the vital standpoints pertaining to advanced or smart metering infrastructure.

Furthermore, water and electricity consumption can also be studied, analyzed, and optimized through smart meters as part of AMI.