Metering Solutions


Product Offerings

Smart Energy Meters (ADDAD-5):

AEC’s in-house team of engineers, technicians, and domain experts have developed ADDAD-5 Smart energy meters that can strengthen the smart grid network by providing advanced metering functionalities. The metering solutions provided by AEC also outlay the option of monitoring and reviewing energy consumption from remote locations.


Salient Features

  • Accurate and Comprehensive Energy Consumption Patterns
  • Large LCD Display
  • Remote Access Monitoring
  • Connectivity to SCADA System


Technical Specifications

  • KWh, kvarh, and KVAh digital metering in import and export direction
  • Separating registering for import and export
  • Wide range three phase power supply (Up to 318V L-N or 550V L-L)
  • Pulse Led for accuracy testing (Imp/KWh and Imp/Kvarh)
  • No battery backup required for data storage
  • 20 years of data retention period


Meeting International Standards

The metering solutions provided by AEC meet all the specification and benchmarks outlined by the International Electro technical Commission, thus, helping us partake international standards.

Smart Homes, Industries, and Offices

AEC’s smart metering solutions are elevating the bar of revenue-grade energy metering across Saudi Arabia by catering to the needs of the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.