SAMI-AEC Signs Strategic Agreements to Drive Digital Transformation in the Kingdom
10 Feb 2023
SAMI-AEC Signs Strategic Agreements to Drive Digital Transformation in the Kingdom

Riyadh, February 9, 2023: SAMI-AEC, a subsidiary of SAMI, has signed eight memorandums of understanding and cooperation agreements with government agencies and international companies to further its efforts to drive digital transformation in the Kingdom.

 The agreements were signed at the world's largest international tech conference, LEAP 23, held at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center from February 6-9, 2023.


Eng. Ziad Al-Musallam, CEO of SAMI-AEC, expressed his pride in the signing of these agreements, which will support the development of digital infrastructure in various sectors of the Kingdom. He stated that these agreements represent a significant step forward in the Kingdom's digital transformation journey and a key enabler in achieving the goals of Vision 2030.


Eng. Al-Musallam also mentioned that the company's participation in LEAP 23 provided a unique opportunity to showcase SAMI-AEC's role in developing the technical capabilities ecosystem in Saudi Arabia and supporting projects that enable the local industry.


The agreements signed include one with the Ministry of Sports, with a focus on digital transformation for smart stadiums, digital solutions, cybersecurity, and infrastructure, as well as the localization of information technology expertise and contribution to the digital sports industry. A joint cooperation agreement was also signed with the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture to support the implementation of digital infrastructure initiatives.


An MoU was signed with Saudi Railways to provide security solutions, managed services, and IT infrastructure solutions, while another was signed with the Saudi Electricity Company to provide infrastructure solutions and technology localization. SAMI-AEC also signed a contract for operating the digital technical infrastructure and providing technical support with the General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information.


SAMI-AEC signed strategic agreements with Chronolife Company, Intelligent Security System Company (ISS), and the Advanced Technology and Cyber Security Company (Sirar) to support infrastructure development, projects in government sectors, and localizing technology. These agreements also encompass investing in new projects, localizing them, and enabling the smart cities sector.


Established in 1988, SAMI-AEC is a leading company in the fields of technology, electronics, and industries. The company designs, develops, manufactures, maintains, and repairs advanced systems and products in the defense, aviation, communications, information technology, security, and energy sectors. With over 2,800 team members, including more than 700 highly skilled and certified engineers, SAMI-AEC is well-positioned to drive digital transformation in the Kingdom.

SAMI-AEC to Display its Latest Innovations at LEAP 2023
06 Feb 2023
SAMI-AEC to Display its Latest Innovations at LEAP 2023

RIYADH, 06 Feb. – SAMI Advanced Electronics Company, a subsidiary of SAMI, will participate in LEAP 2023. In its second iteration, the convention is scheduled to take place at the Riyadh Front Exhibition and Convention Center from February 6th to 9th under the banner of "Into New Worlds".


SAMI-AEC will showcase its latest innovations in smart city and cybersecurity products, digitalized healthcare solutions, and next-generation managed services. Furthermore, SAMI-AEC will exhibit its experts' industry-leading inventions in the fields of defense, aerospace, telecommunications, information technology, energy, and security.


"It goes without saying that SAMI-AEC is excited about participating in this top international technology event in the Middle East," said Ziad Al-Musallam, Chief Executive Officer of SAMI-AEC. "This is an excellent opportunity to interact with some of the world's most prestigious organizations and to meet some of the brightest minds in the fields of technology, telecommunications, and digitization."


SAMI-AEC's participation in this significant event demonstrates its commitment to the growth and diversification of the Saudi economy. "in line with national ambitions and Vision 2030, we are proud to assist in promoting the implementation of advanced technologies and smart solutions which will contribute to the prosperity and success of the Kingdom", he said.


During LEAP 2023, SAMI-AEC seeks to explore opportunities for collaboration and partnership with public agencies and private organizations. In its pavilion, the company will showcase its cyber security center, which is fully equipped to detect, track, and contain cyber threats. Besides managing servers, network hardware, organizational IT data, and security functions, SAMI-AEC's trademark security center can also manage other network-related functions.


SAMI-AEC is set to launch its second generation of managed services and cloud computing systems, as well as the latest innovations in its total healthcare testing platforms. Moreover, SAMI-AEC will demonstrate several upcoming products, including Internet of Things (IoT) based solutions, industrial IoT solutions, and its DD-S-E-001 data diode, which ensures the highest level of security for critical, self-contained networks within data-sensitive industries such as the military.


SAMI-AEC’s participation in LEAP 2023 represents its ambitions and vision to contribute innovatively at the international level. The company’s attendance marks an extremely significant step in placing itself on the global technological map and strengthening its position as a leading high-tech center that connects three continents.


In addition to bringing together experts and innovators from around the world, the conference provides an opportunity for them to exchange knowledge and expertise in a variety of technical fields. Furthermore, the conference aims to promote digital transformation, accelerate the application of cutting-edge technology, utilize innovative practices effectively, and promote the domestic economy in order to achieve Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 strategic objectives.


Founded in 1988, SAMI-AEC is a leading electronics, technology, engineering, and manufacturing enterprise that designs, develops, services, and maintains high-tech products and systems for the Defense and Aerospace, ICT, Energy, and Security sectors. The company employs more than 2,600 people, 85 percent of whom are highly qualified Saudi men and women, with more than 800 engineers and certified resources in various fields of knowledge and expertise.

SAMI-AEC Participating in iktva 2023 Forum & Exhibition
30 Jan 2023
SAMI-AEC Participating in iktva 2023 Forum & Exhibition

Riyadh, January 30, 2023: SAMI Advanced Electronics Company, a SAMI company, is set to participate in Saudi Aramco’s iktva 2023 Forum and Exhibition, which will take place from 30 January - 2 February 2023 at Dhahran Expo Center in Dammam. Held under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Eastern Province, the event will serve as a platform for SAMI-AEC to promote some of its most ground-breaking products and services.



During the four-day event, SAMI-AEC will showcase its Data Diode, a locally-developed hardware technology that establishes a one-way secure data transfer across critical networks to protect organizational data from unauthorized exposure, cyber risks, and malware damages that may impact the National Critical Infrastructure. This product is the outcome of a license agreement with Aramco, which has also partnered with SAMI-AEC through its Namaat industrial investment program for greater local content, GDP growth, and digital talent and ecosystem development throughout the Kingdom.



SAMI-AEC will also be showcasing its diverse smart city product line that include Smart Site Safety Solutions (4S), which utilize advanced IoT and artificial intelligence applications to ensure improved workplace safety for Aramco site staff and employees.


Also featured is SAMI-AEC’s Smart Parking (MAWQFI) solution, which allows users to locate, book, and pay for parking spots through an all-in-one MAWQFI mobile application, as well as its Smart Fire Solution, designed to prevent fire-related injuries, fatalities, and financial loss through an immediate hazard detection system. Furthermore, the company will promote its manufacturing capabilities, with extensive range of products that have served the military and industrial industries for decades.



Commenting on the company’s iktva participation and sponsorship role, Eng. Ziad Al Musallam, CEO of SAMI-AEC, said: “We eagerly look forward to exhibiting the very best our company has to offer at this year’s iktva Exhibition & Forum. This event aims to develop Saudi Arabia’s local manufacturing sector and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities, enhance its economic diversification and competitiveness, and build a more prosperous future for the Kingdom. We thank our long-standing partner ARAMCO for providing such a vital platform for the Kingdom’s multifaceted digital ecosystem at such a critical time for the nation under Vision 2030.”



Established in Riyadh in 1988, SAMI-AEC is a leading electronics, technology, engineering and manufacturing enterprise that designs, develops, services and maintains advanced, high-tech products and systems in the Defense and Aerospace, ICT, Energy and Security sectors. The company employs more than 2,600 people, 85 percent of whom are highly qualified Saudi men and women, with more than 800 engineers and certified resources in various fields of knowledge and expertise.

SAMI-AEC continuing its support of talented Saudis for 24 years running
24 Jan 2023
SAMI-AEC continuing its support of talented Saudis for 24 years running

RIYADH, 24 Jan. – Eng. Ziad Al-Musallam, the Chief Executive Officer of SAMI Advanced Electronics Company (SAMI-AEC), a wholly owned subsidiary of (SAMI), inaugurated the new electronics laboratory at the College of Computer and Information Sciences.  Dr. Yazid Al Al-Sheikh, Vice Rector for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research at KSU, and other university officials were present at the event.


Eng. Musallam expressed his pride in the new lab, which comes as part of SAMI-AEC’s effort to promote young Saudi talent with the skills needed to achieve excellence and enter the labor market with confident capability. The lab aims to train future Saudi scientists in electronics and technology science.


The inauguration was part of Eng. Musallam’s visit to King Saud University, where he honored the winners of the Best Graduation Project Award in the Colleges of Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering – Electrical for the school year 2022-23.


Musallam said that SAMI-AEC’s sponsorship of the students’ award comes out of its commitment to its role of fostering national manpower. The sponsorship continues the 24 years of support the company has been offering to talented Saudi students.


“We are proud to continue our sponsorship of the Best Graduation Project Award at King Saud University,” he said. “The award is part of our efforts to foster competitive spirit among young Saudis, motivate them to seek knowledge, and help them achieve the highest levels of scientific and academic excellence in their country and the world.”


Musallam added that the award recognizes the best projects that the students create to offer innovations that add to scientific research, offering viable solutions that benefit the community and the nation.


Congratulating the winners, Dr. Al Al-Sheikh said, “Today, we celebrate a group of students who made us proud with their competence and ambition and who presented us with ideas that we believe will add to our university’s and our country’s impressive track record of research and innovation.”


Al Al-Sheikh also expressed happiness with SAMI-AEC’s sponsorship of the award, which gives a strong incentive for students to research, innovate, and design impressive projects that contribute to the development of the nation.


“We value the company’s support and thank them for their efforts to help our students,” he said. “SAMI-AEC’s award sets an example in the Kingdom for adding to the role of our university in offering quality education, scientific research and entrepreneurship, by qualifying its graduates with the knowledge and skills they need to become future leaders. I would also like to thank Dr. Salman bin Wahf, the Dean of the College of Computer and Information Science; Dr. May Al-Zamil, Assistant Professor at the college and head of its public relations, for their efforts to set up this event.”


Information Technology students Manal Alwayeli, Manar Alabdulkarim, Amjad Alhuwaymil, Najd Albahely, and Luluah Aloudah won the top spot for their project, an application that helps children with amblyopia practice their therapeutic exercises in a fun way, with supervision by Eng. Arwa Al-Tamim. Second place went to students Maha Albarrak, Areeb Alabdulkarim, Aseel Albassam, Sadeer Awad, and Sarah Alamri of the Computer Science Department, for an edutainment application designed to teach children the principles of saving and investment using artificial intelligence, with supervision by Eng. Tahani Al-Manea. Third place was awarded to Abdullah Albrethen, Khalid Bader Alharbi, and Mohammed Abdullah Alswayed of the Information Systems Department for the design of a hand rehabilitation system using a hand exoskeleton, supervised by Prof. Ghulam Ahmed.


SAMI-AEC is a strategic partner of the Best Graduation Project Award at KSU’s Faculties of Computer Science and Information Technology, Engineering, and the latter’s Electrical Engineering Department. SAMI-AEC has been sponsoring the award for the past 24 years for several academic specialties. The sponsorship has culminated in many pioneering projects that were highly successful thanks to the company’s constant efforts to help talented Saudis grow and succeed

SAMI-AEC achieves CMMI Level 5 Appraisal The first Saudi company to achieve the prestigious recognition
15 Dec 2022
SAMI-AEC achieves CMMI Level 5 Appraisal The first Saudi company to achieve the prestigious recognition

RIYADH, 15 December, 2022– SAMI Advanced Electronics Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of (SAMI), has been appraised as CMMI Level 5 from the CMMI Institute. The CMMI Institute, as a part of ISACA, is a global organization that designates standards which helps organizations streamline process improvement and encourage productive, efficient behaviors that decrease risks and helps them consistently develop better products and services.


The appraisal reiterates SAMI-AEC’s commitment to consistently measure up to globally recognized standards in terms of continuous improvement and resiliency to meet clients’ needs. Thanks to its thorough efforts to enhance its capabilities and achieve its share of Vision 2030’s targets, SAMI-AEC has now become the first Saudi company ever to receive the recognition.


“Receiving such high acclaim is a testament to the excellent capabilities that SAMI-AEC possesses in high-tech systems, software and hardware development,” said Eng. Ziad Al-Musallam, the CEO of SAMI-AEC. “CMMI Level 5 appraisal is guaranteed to enrich our distinguished track record across the industries we operate in and strengthen our competitive edge, which will boost clients’ confidence in our ability to meet their various requirements. This achievement truly underlines the efforts of our staff, who have consistently exceeded expectations in taking the company’s performance to the next level and strengthening local content, as intended by Vision 2030.”


CMMI appraisals quantify a company’s product and service development, establishment and acquisition capabilities in terms of meeting deadlines, staying on budget, and developing quality products and services in an efficient and productive manner, resulting in overall higher customer satisfaction. Obtaining such recognition extends a strategic advantage to companies, confirming their adoption and implementation of the best practices in product and service development. Level 5 is the highest possible maturity level in CMMI, enabling organizations to continuously evolve, adapt and grow to meet the needs of stakeholders and customers.

 SAMI-AEC to Showcase Latest Products and Solutions During Its 18th Participation at GITEX GLOBAL 2022
05 Oct 2022
SAMI-AEC to Showcase Latest Products and Solutions During Its 18th Participation at GITEX GLOBAL 2022

Participation to bolster company’s presence in ICT, Digital, IoT, and Cybersecurity


DUBAI, 05 October, 2022 – SAMI Advanced Electronics Company (SAMI-AEC)is set to participate in GITEX GLOBAL 2022.. The annual technology fair, which has run for over four decades, will be held this year at the Dubai World Trade Centre from the 10th to the 14th of October.


For its 18th year at GITEX, SAMI-AEC looks forward to strengthening its reputation as a leading Saudi purveyor of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Internet of Things (IoT), managed cloud services, cybersecurity, and other digital solutions.


“We are delighted  to participate in this event, which will showcase some of the most groundbreaking and influential technologies in the region,” said Eng. Ziad  Al-Musallam, CEO of SAMI-AEC. “GITEX GLOBAL is an invaluable opportunity for participants and attendees from around the world to gain direct access to the latest and greatest innovations in telecommunications, information technology, cybersecurity, and digital innovations, along with SAMI-AEC’s tech and digital capabilities and solutions.”


Eng. Al-Musallam stressed the vital role that SAMI-AEC plays in supporting achievement of the Vision 2030 objectives through localization and digitalization and accelerating tech and trade growth, while maintaining levels of job localization.


He also highlighted that the company has successfully delivered more than 1,500 projects to date thanks to its Aligned Integrated Methodology (AIM), applied throughout both project planning and management. SAMI-AEC, he pointed out, was also the first Saudi company ever to become CMMI- Level-5 certified.


At this year’s GITEX GLOBAL, SAMI-AEC is expected to showcase many of its advanced products, such as its smart parking system, smart city solutions, manpower management systems, and fire detection systems, as well as the latest IoT, cloud, managed services solutions, Cyber-Range, data diode, Security Operations Center (SOC as a Service), and its Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system. In addition, the company will also display its project development and management capabilities, as well as it fast-tracks medical check solutions.


Established in Riyadh in 1988, SAMI-AEC is a leading electronics, technology, and manufacturing enterprise that designs, develops, services, and maintains advanced, high-tech products and systems in the Defense and Aerospace, ICT, Energy and Security sectors. The company employs more than 2,200 people, 85 percent of whom are highly qualified Saudi men and women, with more than 800 engineers and certified resources in various fields of knowledge and expertise.